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We work with our partners—Sagewise Capital Corporation and Enable Trust Holdings Ltd.—to offer a fixed 10% interest rate on investments of all amounts. It is a simple and straightforward process that is properly documented and reported.

We can also help you complete your next big project: be it your mortgage down-payment or business capital. Let’s get talking.



Customized & Preferred Investments and Loans

We are your preferred investment advisors. Maybe you have money and are not sure how to grow your money or you need to complete a project and require some funds. Talk to us.

We offer investment opportunities with a fixed 10% interest rate per annum. It is a simple process; fill a form and deposit your money. We will invest and report monthly. For funds, fill a form and we will get you your money.


Financial Planning

We will talk to you and assess your needs then decide if we are a good fit for you. Subsequently, you choose your terms, when and how you get paid.


Create an Account

After concluding all discussions, we sign an agreement detailing said terms and conditions. We start your account on the 1st of the next month after receiving your money.


Fund Management

You are able to monitor your funds and activities in your account. We send you monthly reports of such transactions. You may choose to reinvest your returns or simply collect them

Loyal Clients

We cater to a target audience from various classes and industries. Because of the great service we offer, we keep growing due to referrals from clientele. 


Avg Annual Return

When you invest, you are assured of ten cents on the dollar irrespective of your investment amount throughout your term. This may be negotiated. 


You work with a professional investment advisor who is both Harvard and MIT trained. He is a certified accountant with 15 years of management experience.


Over the course of time we have invested over five million dollars on behalf of our clients. This includes we have disbursed to various individuals and corporations.

"I did not know what to do with my savings. But RCH helped me put my money to good use. Now, all I do is sit back, relax and receive my monthly interest returns."

Satisfied Client

"I had a huge capital intensive project to complete. But no bank was ready to back me up because I had no credit history. However, RCH asisted me in securing a loan and now I couldn't be any happier."

Satisfied Client


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We are your preferred investment partners… shaping your future.